• Pottery class

    I've once again become addicted to wheel throwing!  Here are a few bowls I've made.  My all time favorite clay to work with is speckled, and I love using the simple white glaze on it.  


    This session I want to figure out porcelain.  Super hard!  These 2 white bowls are throw in porcelain, that’s about 2/50 I had to trash.  This clay is extremely elastic and sensitive.

  • Branding WIP

    Branding WIP

    I'm working on a little something!  First project of the new year.  

    Next week I'm back in the pottery studio and can't wait.  

    Cheers to 2015, I have high hopes for a good year filled with even better changes.  

  • S14 - Outlet sweaters

    S14 - Outlet sweaters

    These are some CADs and designs I did for some S14 sweaters that were sold in the outlet stores.  

  • Japan


    I went to Japan, well, 2 months ago.  I cant stop thinking about my trip, so I decided to go through my pictures again and share some.  This is a drastically edited and condensed version, I came back home with over 1,000 photos!  

    I was very lucky to be able to take 2 weeks off from work, and considering this was my FIRST TIME out of the country (crazy, right?!!) I wanted to do this trip right and have plenty of time to explore. 


    Enoshima is an island just a short ride from Tokyo, but it’s well worth it.  This was the first day trip we took, but I think it was one of my favorites.  We walked all over the island, saw the shrines and temples, went into ancient caves with candles, went to the top of an observation tower, had french toast, a picnic lunch, and explored the jagged cliffs.  When we first arrived, we could see Mount Fuji in the distance, but it disappeared quickly into the clouds.


    Our second day trip was to Yokohama, the second largest city by population in Japan.  It seems to be mostly highrise apartment buildings and office buildings, but if you do some searching and walking around there’s some fun things to see.  For one, the worlds 2nd largest ferris wheel is located here.  It takes 15 mins for entire rotation, and yes I rode it by myself because Drew is scared of heights.  You get some pretty amazing views!  One of the worlds largest Chinatowns is located here, too.  We got some tasty pork buns and walked around, it’s definitely nothing like the Chinatown in NYC.  There must be a huge corporation ( I think maybe Nissan) that employs a lot of westerners, because I saw a lot of western business men walking around here.


    Visit Kyoto.  Period.  Amazing.  And take the Shinkansen there, aka Bullet Train.  This city spent eleven centuries as the imperial capital, and is one of the best preserved cities with shrines and temples literally on every block.  There are 1600 Buddhist temples and 400 Shinto shrines, as well as palaces, gardens and architecture.  If you’re lucky, you might see a Geisha in the Gion district.  I did!  And you most definitely need to have a traditional Japanese dinner.


    Nara is another 30 min train ride from Kyoto.  It has on the of the largest wooden structure temples built in 1709, and houses the worlds largest bronze Buddah statues.  There are deer roaming freely, and it makes for an interesting experience.  They are very used to tourists and being fed, and are quite the beggars.  

    I did so much more while I was there, but these were my favorites.  IF you ever have a chance to go to Japan, GO!  They culture is so different from what Im used to in NYC.  Everyone is quite, polite, structured, on time, it’s amazingly clean, and full of so much history.  I even felt my first earthquake.  

    I had the advantage of travelling with my friend Drew who’s been to Japan twice already and knows Japanese.  And we stayed with Mike and Betty, who live there and know the language and how to get around.  They took us everywhere!


  • S16 - Blues

    S16 - Blues

    Here's an inspiration board for a project Im wokring on at work.  Think Spring 16, indigos, linen, soft sportcoat... 

  • something new

    something new

    Ok, I'm moving my blog over here.  See ya